Lash Laundry - Foaming Lash Cleanser and Brush

Lash Laundry - Foaming Lash Cleanser and Brush

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Gently wash your tender lashes with LASH LAUNDRY Foaming Lash Cleanser. 

Fixe Beauty's "Lash Laundry" gentle formulation washes away everyday oil, dirt and residue safely from lash extensions. With natural botanical extracts this product is easy to use and comes with ​a cleansing brush included.  Clean Lashes are healthy lashes! (and they last longer!

1x 50ml Foaming Lash Cleanser and a Cleansing Brush

Tip's to Help your Lashes Last Longer:
Tip#1: Avoid oily products on your eye area
Avoid your eye area if you must use heavy night creams​ or serums​. ​Oils​ will ​weaken the adhesive bond,​ and ca​n cause extensions to slip off​ prematurely.​ 

Tip#2: Maintain your lashes and prepare for fills
It's ideal to properly cleanse your lashes regularly after your appointment, and in particular, just before infills - this refreshes the lashes and takes off away residue so they are ready for that next appointment.

Tip#3: Reduce the risk of irritation
Having clean, healthy lashes means you could wear your eyelash extensions comfortably for years, and helps prevent irritation from dirt and makeup build-up which can irritate the lash line.